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Big Blue Tech release new PADI TecRec courses for 2010

Big Blue Tech have revised their website to include the release of the new PADI TecRec courses we’ll start offering in the new year of 2010.

In September of 2009 PADI released the new technical diving cirriculum to the public with a new name and new standards. Many say PADI have made a move to follow the trend of modular teaching which are already in place with other diving agencies like TDI and IANTD. Additionally PADI have invited Cave Diving Instructors to develop their own courses called “TecRec Cave Diver” which will be specific to the instructor/author and suit the local conditions and methods.

With this change it appears PADI have also dropped the name “DSAT” which stood for “Design, Science and Technology” which didn’t really suite as the cover for their technical diving branch.

In January of 2010 Big Blue Tech will be releasing PADI Cave Diving courses designed for technical divers. This course will be distinctive to Big Blue Tech as it has been written by us. The other TecRec courses have been released for quite some time and can be seen below:

PADI Tec 40
PADI Tec 45
PADI Tec 50
PADI Tec Trimix 65
PADI Tec Trimix Diver
PADI Gas Blender
PADI Trimix Blender
PADI Tec Cavern
PADI Tec Intro to Cave
PADI Tec Cave

You can also read more on the PADI TecRec blog:TecRec Cave Diver