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Wreck Diving – Sunshine – New Trip

Today is great for many reasons.

1. The recent hurricane like conditions that sent weary travelers running for the vomit inducing boats off the island has subsided. The past 4 days has seen horizontal rain storms, high white capped seas and strong wind throwing coconuts like a castle siege. But today is hot sunny and calm, back to life like normal!

2. With the great weather we conducted a local wreck trip to the Hishidaiya Maru (Unicorn) with eager divers looking to explore a deep ocean wreck. The trip was successful and everyone came back with smiles and their “Done It” t-shirt so proudly worn by many on Koh Tao.

3. We have a Tec Deep 2 trip planned for the 23rd of August for those who choose that as part of their tech course we’ll be off exploring for 3 days and 3 nights.