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Scuba Instructor Courses

Starting your path from a divemaster or dive leader to start educating and teaching divers in your care can be a rewarding and challenging venture. This is your first step in becoming a professional diving instructor and working in the hobby you love by creating the next generation of scuba divers. Big Blue Tech have many professional options, if you unsure of which one is right for you then contact us and we can help tailor a course to suit your needs.



 SSI Diving Instructor Crossover Course



The Big Blue Tech Instructor Development Course provides a professional learning experience in which you will learn how to teach diving skills within the prescribed system.You learn the technique of classroom and lecture presentations, confined and open water tuition and the use of  teaching aids, such as video, CD-Roms and manuals.

Upon successful completion of this course:

Graduates may engage in teaching scuba diving courses without direct supervision to the level of their certification.

The student must:

Be a minimum age of fifteen (18).

Have a Minimum certification of Divemaster or equivalent.

Logged one hundred (100) dives.

Available certification:

SDI Open Water Instructor

PADI Open Water Instructor

BSAC Open Water Instructor

SSI Open Water Instructor

Price: 40,000 THB (does not include certification fees to individual agencies or materials)