Thailand – Australia – United Kingdom

Our Facilities

img_4790-225x300 Technical Diving Instructor Centre Complete

Big Blue Tech is located inside the Big Blue Diving Resort and Accommodation. Our facilities are purpose built for technical diving and are used exclusively by Big Blue Tech and their customers.

We have enough equipment to deck out and put in the water 15 technical divers with stages and deco cylinders. All this gear takes up a lot of space so we have a big building just for us.

Our facilities include free wireless, free tea, coffee and bottled water, private equipment storage, private rinse tanks, oxygen fills up to 100%, helium mixes both hypoxic and normoxic, oxygen and helium boosted up to 200 bar for rebreather divers.

We have a dedicated compressor serviced by trained Bauer technicians to ensure clean safe air for our divers.

We’re also all service technician instructors so even if you break something we’ll fix it.