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Our Boats

All our boats are registered and insured in Thailand. They individually have emergency oxygen, first aid and spare diving equipment. Each boat has local UHF radio used by the local captains in case of emergencies or for reports of large marine life at dive sites and also have a private radio system to communicate with each other or the resort. Every boat has been built specifically for scuba diving and feature all common and popular comforts found around the world

Dive Boat Thailand
Mv Pawara
The MV Pawara is based through our Khao Lak office on the west coast providing technical diving expeditions to the Similan Islands. The Mv Pawara is in excess of 30m in length with air condiction cabins with En-suite bathrooms. On board nitrox and CCR friendly make it the only technical liveaboard in the Similans. This boat is used exclusively for liveaboards for 4 or 5 fay trips.

Dive Boat Thailand
Mv Banzai
The MV Banzai is our flagship boat in Koh Tao, 3 floors high with capacity for up to 40 divers. On board compressors, large dive deck, sun roof, showers and toilets. On our full day trips we serve food and cold drinks.

Dive Boat Thailand
Mv Navakid
Mv Navakid is our second largest boat with capacity for 30 divers. This boat is a bit faster then our others and we typically use it for our long range wreck day trips beause of the onboard gps, sonar and radio.

Dive Boat Thailand
Mv Big Blue

Mv Big Blue is our first boat and the smallest, perfect for beginner technical training and small groups.

Dive Boat Thailand
Mv Dolhin 1 & 2
Mv Dolphin 1 & 2 are our speed diving boats, fiberglass speed boats with outboard engines. These boats have either 2x 205HP engines or 3×205HP engines. We use these boats for technical diving day trips to the similan islands.