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Awards & Testimonials

Big Blue Tech have received awards and recognition over the years for our efforts and achievements in the technical diving industry. Along with awards Big Blue Tech have been featured in magazine publications around the world. Below is a sample of our most recent achievements.

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David Tipping (TDI Decompression Procedures & Extended Range)

"James and Big Blue Tech in general, far exceeded my expectation of a training facility. Not only were they really knowledgeable and helpful guys, but they really made me feel like part of the family while I was there. Had a fantastic time and would recommend them to anyone!"

James Foleher (Technical Diving Internship)

"I heard about BBT through a friend and was always a little evious of what he was doing. I enrolled for the 3mth internship with James and what can I say. Its the best thing I have done and have not looked back. In my 3mth in Thailand I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, all of the courses I did with James were incorporated with lots of experience and thorough. The whole crew at BBT were helpfull and friendly and I would now consider them all as freinds who I would share time out with. I walked away from BBT as a more confident and well informed diver and with a huge love of technical diving. Unfortunately im having to brave the UK waters but fingers crossed will be back doing CCR with BBT in Thailand in the not so distant future. "

Andrew Cavell (Technical Diving Internship)

I came to BBT as an intern, I had lots of experience in the tropics and temperate waters. The courses I took on with James were really something I had wanted to do for a long time. From the word go it was a good working relationship where a good structured system meant I was aware what would be happening and when. The courses were thourough and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy any part of them. I now class James as a good friend and a guy I would invite round for drinks. I even taught him how to speak proper English (Yorkshire) and he is now even higher in my opinions.

Daniel Mabelis (BSAC & TDI Extended Range)

The course was great, best training I have ever had. Ash and Mark did a great job from start to finish. Really pushed me hard and did a fantastic job, I’m extremely happy!

Manuella Agbaba (Technical Diving Internship)

"Ash, James, it was a great decision to do this Internship with you boys. I doubt that I could have found a better team as the two of you as you guys complement each other! (I know it sounds cheesy but guys ARE like an old couple 🙂 )I le…arned a lot from the both of you, had fun and always felt perfectly taken care of.Ash, you were very patient to answer all of my thousands of questions. It’s a pity that I could not do more dives with you, but unfortunately before I arrived you chose to do your very special PADI Specialty “I got stabbed by my instructor” and at the end of my stay I got the common divers ear infection. James, you knew exactly how much you could “stress” me out. Whenever you did a skill with me I knew I was perfectly safe, no matter what. I guess I would do any dive, at any time, anywhere with you.Before I came to Big Blue Tech, I was looking for something more in diving. I was bored of looking at colourful fishes (even in the Similans) and fed up of taking care of OW-Buddies.At one point of the last weeks I remembered again what I liked so much about diving: diving itself: no matter in what environment or under what conditions (even at the creepy MV Unicorn). Thank you for giving this back to me and the time I could spend with you boys."