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Accomodation Hotel

big blue diving resort

Big Blue Tech provides accommodation to it’s students when in training that features comfort, quiet and amenities to help you get the rest you need for technical diving activities.

Our resort features many rooms on site but these are located directly on the beach and provide a great back packer atmosphere however for our elite students we have a hotel located 100m from our main resort designed to provide a more luxurious atmosphere.

Our hotel features a large internet cafe with wireless throughout for any traveling business needs. The rooms have air conditioning, fridge and TV as standard. Our eastern facing rooms have balcony and western facing rooms have an ocean view. For safety and security the rooms also have safety deposit boxes along with a communal safe in the resort lobby.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the part scene and night life you can choose to walk outside in the activity or get away from it all if you have some deep challenging dives the following day.

You can view a tour of our accommodation here.