Thailand – Australia – United Kingdom

Matt Rolph joins Big Blue Tech

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech is proud to announce the recent addition to the Big Blue Tech family in Thailand of Matt Rolph who is a highly experienced technical diving instructor from the UK.

Matt has been on the technical diving scene in Thailand for more than 5 years being one of the original resort based tech operators on Koh Tao. Matt, affectionately refered to as medic matt is also trained emergency medical technician, dive medic and British Army Medic.

When not diving Matt is also a volunteer for the emergency response service on Koh Tao. Matt also brings a PADI – TecRec representation to the team as a PADI Tec Trimix Instructor. One of Matt’s first goals will be to cross-over to TDI and BSAC like the rest of the team but Matt will be focusing on PADI courses as that is where the bulk of his experience stems from.

Those of you who already know Matt will know he’s an intelligent, friendly and honest individual and we’re proud to have him join our team.


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