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On the 21st of May Chris Haslam lead a sidemount course in one of best diving locations in the world,  PNG. The trip included exploring the regions around Port Morseby and Madang. After a short 2hr flight from Cairns, Chris and his student Camilla had safely touched down in Port Moresby.  It was here they spent a couple of days taking in the local culture and exploring the local region such as Bomana War Cemetery, Crystal Rapids, the local markets and the legendary Kokoda Trail. Despite Port Moresby’s rotten international reputation you can have a lot of fun exploring the capital and the regions close by.

Chris’s family has been living in PNG for nearly a decade now and have never looked back. It does take time to adjust to the country but this is what makes it exciting and fun, the initial shock does wear off and it doesn’t take long to realise there is far more beauty to this country then bad.

Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse countries on Earth, with over 850 indigenous languages and at least as many traditional societies, out of a population of just under seven million. The country is one of the world’s least explored, culturally and geographically, and many undiscovered species of plants and animals are thought to exist in the interior of Papua New Guinea.

After Port Moresby the duo took a 1 hour flight over the lush green highland before arriving in Madang. Madang is a shy little town situated on the east coast of PNG. Perched on a peninsula it is surrounded by picturesque islands girt with colourful coral reefs and clear blue water. The trip included 2 nights accommodation at the Madang Resort International. It was here Camilla completed her SDI sidemount course. The course was straight forward with a relaxed day of theory and equipment configuration. The following day she completed the 2 training dives required for certification. After a few minor buoyancy adjustments Camilla took to sidemount like a fish in water. She is already booking her next sidemount expedtion back to PNG.

PNG ranks among the best diving destinations in the world with irresistible menu of underwater treasures: luscious reefs festooned with huge seafans, warm waters teeming with rainbow-coloured species and bizarre critters, eerie drop-offs that tumble into the abyss, and a host of atmospheric WWII wrecks – not to mention the thrill of diving uncrowded sites.

Big Blue Tech Australia offers tailor made trips to PNG to suit your preferred style of diving and other activities such as kayaking, fishing, surfing, trekking, hot springs and much much more.

Unfortunately you do have to keep your wits about you when travelling PNG. Chris has been diving and travelling PNG for years and is glad Big Blue Tech Australia has started running Tech and recreational dive trips to such an exotic place. Planning for the next trip has already taken place, with a trip running in around 2 months. The final details are still being organised but it will include

diving on a WWII wrecks, fishing, a kayak/snorkel trip, hopefully a touch of surfing, meeting the local villages, visiting the local regions of Port Morseby  and much more. Watch this space for more information on price and a complete itinerary. Please contact if you have any interest in a once in a life time trip like this. We can tailor make the trip to suit all.


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