Thailand – Australia – United Kingdom

Khao Sok National Park Cavern and Timix Expedition

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

Big Blue Tech returns from a 7 night expedition to Khao Sok National Park where cavern, mixed gas, deep air training ane exploration was conducted to expose Jean, John, Ash, James, Matt, Anna, Matt and Cameron to all the wonders of the large fresh water lake created by the hydro electric dam.

The trip was successfull in giving John, Cam and Anna their TDI Cavern, Extended Range and Trimix certification, their BSAC Sports and Explorer Mixed Gas certification; giving Matt his Cavern certification and showing Jean, TDI Full Cave Diver the wonders of the sunken caves of Khao Sok.

Khao Sok National Park is one of the most diverse and natural parks in Thailand. In 1980 there was a hydro dam built which flooded the area creating a massive fresh water lake with a sunken forest and houses. This also submerged many caves giving us training grounds for overhead cavern and cave diving.

Staying in the national park is basic and remote. No cell phones, no internet, electricity only in the evening while surrounded by limestone cliffs and wildlife. The relaxed pace, fresh air, clean water is perfect for any expedition and get away.

This event is the culmination of training for many of the students on the trip.


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