Thailand – Australia – United Kingdom

Tech Day in Stoney Cove

Stoney Cove, United Kingdom

Big Blue Tech have been out and about in the uk this past weekend with some skills and drills in Stoney Cove lead by Technical Director Andy Cavell.

The Stoney Cove quarry was originally a granite mine that was begun at the start of the 19th century. In 1850 a train line was added to move the granite more easily from the Top Pit to the centre of Stoney Stanton. Spring water was a perennial problem for the quarry, but was a boon in 1958 when quarrying at the site ceased. By 1963 diving pioneers were using the quarry to practise their hobby. Over the next fifteen years Stoney Cove was used to train North Sea oil divers and in 1978 Stoney Cove Marine Trials Ltd was formed to fully exploit the site on a commercial basis.

Stoney Cove is used for scuba diving training as well as pleasure dives. It has a range of depths from only a few metres to around 36 metres. Stoney Cove has a large dive shop, gas filling station and scuba diving school all on site. There is also a complete pub (Nemo’s) on site along with a function room for private events.

The floor of the dive site has the following attractions for divers to explore:

  • Viscount Aircraft Cockpit
  • Nautilus Submarine
  • Archways Beneath The Pub
  • The Wessex
  • The Bus
  • The Monster (location unknown)
  • The Galleon
  • Aircraft Wreck
  • Deep Hydrobox (commonly used for the PADI Deep Diver Specialty)
  • Submerged Trees
  • Tower
  • Blow-Off Preventer
  • 4-metre Block House
  • Wooden Boat
  • Stanegarth (the largest inland wreck in the UK)
  • APC

Big Blue Tech UK is an award winning technical diving organization providing training, trips, wreck expeditions and education around the globe. Located in the United Kingdom. Thailand and Australia our staff of highly trained technical instructors and divers can provide you with your deepest desires.

We are a TDI, BSAC, SSI and PADI Instructor Trainer facility for Technical Diving.

Big Blue Tech in the United Kingdom is primarily based in the north of England situated close to accesible training grounds and Scapa Flow. For our international trips we’re also close to the international airports. Big Blue Tech have facilities for education and equipment storage including mixed gases and ccr friendly oxygen.

check us out at

more pictures can be found on our facebook page at


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