Thailand – Australia – United Kingdom

Intro to Tech – The Fundamentals of Technical Diving

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech congratulates John Miles, Anna Flam and Cameron Dunning from their TDI Intro To Tech course conducted over 2 days on Koh Tao Island by TDI Instructor Ash Dunn.

This two day course is a new and welcome addition to curriculum of the world’s largest and most successful technical diving agency. Intro to Tech is intended to give experienced sport divers a simple, non-threatening glimpse at the techniques and skills used in technical diving. Participating in this course will give those divers a better understanding of the detailed planning and preparation required to make a successful and safe technical dive.

Intro to Tech is really a try it before you buy it course for someone who has heard a lot about tech and is wondering what all the fuss is about. But Intro to Tech is also worthwhile for divers who have no real intentions to go on to take a full tech class because the skills it focuses on – gas management, superior buoyancy and trim, situational awareness, and equipment selection – are useful in any form of diving.

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