Thailand – Australia – United Kingdom

Deco and Nitrox diving in Thailand

Technical Diver underwater during deco stop

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech Thailand celebrates the graduation of Phil Clegg and Paw Mac-Mullit from their TDI Advanced Nitrox and TDI Decompression Procedures course conducted over 4-5 days on Koh Tao Island by Technical Instructor Ash Dunn.

Koh tao has been struck recently by severe flooding, this flooding receded but the success of the course was in jeopardy as the seas were too rough to go diving in.

The conditions on the island improved, power was restored and the sun came out. This meant the course could being and the team headed out to sea for some deep technical diving.

The diving conditions proved hard and challenging putting the fortitude of each novice technical diver to test. The surface current was strong, visibility was limited and the skills had to be performed perfectly to the instructors demands.

In the end the students walked away from the course successfully having been challenged under the worst conditions Thailand has to offer. Thankfully the students remained to continue on to their TDI Trimix Course starting tomorrow which won’t be as severe conditions wise but just as challenging skill wise.

The focus of these combined courses is to train students to be successful in technical diving. These classes are taught as if they are a small piece to a much larger picture, not as entry-level technical diving. These courses build the foundation for sound technical diving. What you will learn will be utilized in higher level trimix courses. This is not a course to learn or re-learn fundamental diving skills. Students will be held to a higher level of performance not found in many technical diving courses.
Students are taught and evaluated, not only on skill proficiency, but control, leadership, situational awareness, teamwork, and judgment. Successful students will have a finesse that few divers have. You will finish this class with the confidence, competence, and comfort to be able to complete dives at this level of training prior to receiving a c-card.

This course requires a minimum of 5 days with 10 or more dives and involves a minimum 40 hours of instruction. Expect to dive every day with lectures in the afternoon and evening for each day. The majority of dives will be conducted in shallow water for critical skill evaluation. However, each day will get deeper as the class progresses. The final day is reserved for experience dives that will be at depth with a real decompression obligation.

Course content will include, but not limited to: enriched air Nitrox usage, decompression mixtures, diving physics & physiology, dive tables, advanced decompression theory, oxygen exposure/management, team diving procedures, and contingency planning.


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