Thailand – Australia – United Kingdom

UK divers try market leading CCR

BBT-UK today took 2 of our club members to Stoney Cove to see what all the hype is all about regarding the VR technology Sentinel Closed Circuit Rebreather. Prior to this our guys had only dived open circuit SCUBA.

On the way to silent diving

Rachel Linarts, a PADI instructor and moving through the ranks of technical diving and Andy Northen, a PADI divemaster who is very interested in anything to do with diving and self progression were the 1st 2 members of our club to stick their hand up when the CCR try dive was offered to all members. There is the choice of trying the AP inspiration and Evolution but both or the guys agreed on the market leading Sentinel.

A little bit of info on the Sentinel CCR that our guys were lucky enough to try out today:-

  • CE approved CCR – this means training can be conducted within Europe
  • At 40 meters the scrubber has been CE rate tested to last 185 minutes on air diluent
  • At 100 meters the scrubber has been CE rate tested to last 150 minutes on Heliox diluent
  • Set-up is very easy with O2 cell automatic calibration
  • Simple removal of counterlung for cleaning
  • Complete pre-dive checklist is available on the main display
  • Dual Heads up display (HUD) 1 on breathing loop and 1 on top of unit for ease of status recognition for buddy
  • Rechargable lithium polymer batteries with 60 hour life
  • Option of CO2 monitor (standard on Expedition model) for added safety

all this and much more!!!!!

Doesn’t Andy look the part!!!

The day was a mixture of  tech fun diving for James Foleher and Simon Norcup and the CCR stuff for the other 2.

Included in the Sentinel try dive is a briefing on the technical side of the unit, what the unit is capable of doing and what you are to be doing whilst on the dive. At this point it is time to get the pre-dive checks done and then get into the good part and don the CCR!! A waterside final check and brief is completed and then it is into the water you go. After a quick weight check it is off to discover what an underwater world with no bubbles and no noise is all about. At this point you can forget everything you have ever learnt about diving as this will be completely different from anything you will have ever done and even the most accomplished divers become novices once again.

Final pre dive checks with Matt



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