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Are you our facebook fan of the week?

Are you an Big Blue Tech Facebook Fan yet? If not, here is a good reason why you should. We’re now introducing a weekly contest where you can be the fan of the week.

What does it mean? Being an Big Blue Tech Facebook Fan is much more than reading our status updates, instead we want to hear from you and learn more about who you are.

Stating from today, every Saturday we’ll ask who wants to be our next fan of the week. All you have to do is head over to our Big Blue Tech Facebook Fan (click and become a fan if you already aren’t), and comment on our post telling us why you should be the next fan of the week. We’ll pick one lucky fan, who posted a comment, to be our fan of the week.

You will have the chance to brag in front of all other fans with a short interview. As a small incentive this week you’ll be awarded with Big Blue Tech T-Shirt sent to you from Thailand.

What do you think of this new promotion? Comment here on the blog and let us know how we can make it better. But now, hurry and head over to our Big Blue Tech Facebook Fan


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