Thailand – Australia – United Kingdom

The Mega Specialty Mix Course

4 courses mashed together for an advanced technical related diving bonanza

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrate the graudtion of Jennifer Brogan, Regine Petersen, Anthony Mure, Jamie Hyde from their TDI Nitrox, TDI Intro to Tech, SDI Limited Penetration Wreck Diver and SDI Deep Diver Specialties.

These courses were combined in to various diving activites over the course of 6 days to complete a higher level of training for the Divemaster Interns enrolled in a 2 month internship to become certified divemasters, dive leaders and Dive Cons.

The course began with theory and Intro to Tech course so they could complete the future training in a twinset with technical equipment configuration.

The course continued onto using custom mixes of 29% for the wreck dive and deeper depths to 36% for shallow skills and line work. The wreck penetration skills were completed on the “Trident” wreck located off the coast of Koh Tao near shark island which was purposely sank to provide an environment for overhead training.

This mash-up of diving courses is only available to our divemaster interns however these courses are offered individually on request.

More pictures can be found on our facebook page.


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