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Big Blue BSAC comes to Thailand

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue BSAC Diving Centre is the only BSAC Centre for Excellence in ASIA and is also a BSAC Technical Centre.

Big Blue Diving was, founded in 1991, and was one of the first dive shops to open in the Gulf of Thailand. Offering diving courses from beginner to Instructor level, fun diving for divers of all levels, technical diving, modern equipment and facilities, staffed by experienced dive professionals, Big Blue resorts are here to meet all your needs.

The move to create a separate BSAC Academy is to help the staff focus on the BSAC customers, divers and instructors around the world.

Big Blue Diving has been an active BSAC centre since 2009 but only became a centre of excellence in 2010 and now has their own website and dedicated BSAC instructors to welcome new divers.

Big Blue BSAC Diving Centre will be working with different clubs to provide charter trips around south east asia, sponsor education events and promote ecological awareness with both wreck preservation and environmental assessments.

With research grants and international funding Big Blue BSAC will be looking to the community to help us complete the tasks of 2011 along with our regularly scheduled training programs.


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