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Decompression Sickness and Oxygen Administration for our Thai Staff

Koh Tao Thailand

Big Blue Tech is a supporting member of The SSS Recompression Chamber Network here in Thailand. We pay an annual fee to the organization for support during diving related emergencies. This support gives us the opportunity to have their staff come to our school and train our Thai staff in how to handle diving related emergencies and how to provide oxygen to help divers with suspected decompression sickness to delay the onset on symptoms during transport to the chamber in the neighboring island Koh Samui.

The SSS Network / Samui Chamber Facility supports the diving community by offering numerous free services including: medical advice, the latest dive safety tips, Decompression Illness Seminars and Chamber Orientations. They also offer ongoing training and education to the Dive Operators and Health Care Providers throughout Thailand.

For the individual Thai boat captains and boat staff they are only too happy to spend time sharing the importance of oxygen for diving injuries, the use of their on-board equipment, and the guidelines for oxygen provision. The regularly teach Oxygen and first aid courses, and for those wanting to expand their knowledge of diving medicine they also offer Recompression Chamber Tender/Operator “TOP” courses.

The evening seminar was attended by Big Blue Tech captain “P-Dam” , boat boy “Zaw”, shop staff “Lee” and tai driver “Tia”. This creates a continuous line of care from the boat to the dinghy through the shop and then on to the taxi to the main pier for evacuation. This also gives our local staff a better understanding of the environment they’re working in.


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