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Technical Diving Sail Rock Trip

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech had a day off yesterday and in true diving spirit we boarded the recreational diving boat for a day of sun, fun and relaxation on the open seas during a full day trip to Sail Rock dive site off the coast of Thailand between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan.

The day started at 6:30 with the loading of a Closed Circuit Rebreather (ccr) that Ash would be diving on and the cylinders for the sidemount for James and Ian and the single tank for Helen, who despite her best attempts was short strawed into teaching a deep specialty at the last minute.

The Boat departed shortly there after and we were rolling through the 2 and half hour journey to the dive site. Time flew by with equipment setup, breakfast and briefings. The tech crew just went to sleep (day off) but were woken by the sound of the passengers being divided from the people who had an iron constitution an those that didn’t. The peaceful silence of the waves crashing off the bow was violently interrupted by an orchestra of sea sickness from the floor below. Although initially only one person, the effect was cascading causing borderline divers to loose it.

Arriving at Sail Rock, which is a pinnacle above the sea, we were sheltered from the waves and current so everyone could relax. The diving in Sail Rock is the best in the region, without question the best site on the east coast. It also has a really cool vertical cave, there’s also lots of marine life, you can email if you want to know what kinds.

Two dives done, lunch served and we headed off to “Southwest Pinnacle” located south west of Koh Tao, obviously. At south west everyone jumped in and then discovered there was an incredible current. Ash and James realized the dive would be difficult so they stood on the deck shouting motivational slogans at Ian (the junior staff) to kick harder and get to the buoy line. In hindsight Ian should of just given up but his attempt to kick with 4 cylinders in sidemount on the surface in a ripping current was just to funny to give up. After 10 minutes he reached the bow, dropped down 10m, got pulled off the line, spent another 10 minutes and 70bar of air getting back to line to surface with a look of total and utter exhaustion on his face.

So with that dive scuttled-ed we headed to “White Rock” named by an Italian (there’s also red and green rock) where everyone enjoyed a third and final dive, except Ian who was asleep from his ripping current episode.

This day was key for us Tekkies as we’re constantly teaching and working that we never get the chance to go out and have some fun.

Big Blue are running weekly full day trips to sail rock, perfect for technical diving, feel free to join us next time.


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