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And the award goes to.. Us!

Technical Diving School in Thailand wins 2 awards from annual recognition of TDI/SDI

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech is honored to win 2 awards this year from TDI/SDI (Technical Diving International – Scuba Diving International) in recognition of our success in issuing the most certifications. TDI/SDI have two categories for the most certifications issued as a facility which represents the total amount of certifications issued by all instructors and then a second category for the single instructor who has issued the most individually.

Thailand has only two categories. Last year our Director James Thornton-Allan won the Highest Number of TDI/SDI Certifications for 2009. He continued his success by winning that same award again this year. The second category which recognizes the dive school had previously been won by a different dive shop in Thailand but we won that award this year.

The success illustrated by these awards shows the continued return of our students and the enjoyed experience new students have to stay with us and progress through the levels of diving we have to offer. Along with our strong business practices, safe diving practices and a good group of instructors and staff we hope our reputation is matched by the image these awards represent.

If this month is any indication we hope to get two more again next year!


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