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Nitrox, blended, not stired!

Compressor Operator and Gas Blender course provides essential skills for nitrox blending.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrates the graduation of James BenFell from his TDI / BSAC Compressor Operator and Nitrox Gas Blender Course conducted over 3 days at the Big Blue Tech – Technical Diving Centre on Koh Tao off the coast of Thailand in the Gulf by TDI & BSAC Instructor Ash Dunn.

The 3 day course consists of compressor operator technician followed by gas blender technician building directly on the skills previously learned.

The physical skills include the operation of a scuba diving compressor, filter changing and packing, filtration chemicals, oil changing, Yoke and Din valve use, emergency procedures and an indepth knoweldge of the inner workings of a compressor.

After the compressor skills were competed James discovered the world of mixed gas blending using both continuous flow methods and partial pressure. James completed the fills using a digital pressure guage and analog to get the accurate mixes followed by the lazy mans nitrox method of contrinuous flow where the nitrox comes into the compressor already mixed.

The theory for the nitrox blender course is quite substantial and involved, there’s more calculations and formulas then most would expect but being a young lad right out of school James was able to grasp the studying and methods quite quickly.

James continues on to his regulator service technician and visual inspections course to help enhance his knowledge to gain professional diving employment.


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