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Technical Diving Instructor Centre Complete

A purpose built technical diving instructor development centre opens its doors.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech has finally completed it’s extension and renovations which began in October of 2010. The long process of extending the buildings base and installing a new air conditioned classroom designed for technical and extreme diving finally concluded just after the new year.

Torrents of rain in November halted the renovations as the entire area flooded bringing the functions of the school to a halt. Once the rain had stopped and the ground was dry the building work continued.

There are still a few touches here and there and those should be completed in the next few weeks. This has been the third extension in facilities in the past few years as Big Blue Tech keeps out growing its space.

The new class room is a clean and professional environment where students can focus on the more advanced aspects of training including instructor courses, ccr rebreather course and staff meetings.

Below are some images from today of the facilities.


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