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Nitrox and Technical Diver Training

Sport divers discover new diving opportunities with a nitrox and intro to tech diver course.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrates the successful completion of a TDI Nitrox Diver and TDI Intro to Tech Diver course for  Sergey Baranov, Marina Sergacheva and Ivan Shomnikov by TDI Technical Instructor Ash Dunn and assisted by Divemaster Ian Jordan. This course was conducted over 4 days at Big Blue Tech on Koh Tao Island off the coast of Thailand in the Gulf.

The TDI Nitrox course is unique amongst other courses with the emphasis placed on knowing and understanding the theoretical formulas and physics behind mixed oxygen gas diving. As Nitrox diving is becoming easier and easier to get into, the TDI Nitrox diver course creates the foundation for technical diving insuring that the in water skills and complex dive planning is completed at a high level of proficiency. One skill we particularly like is testing the students underwater to see if they will follow their instructor beyond a determined maximum operating depth. The maximum operating depth in nitrox is the tolerable oxygen level for any given depth and divers exceeding this depth is a leading cause of accidents relating to enriched air nitrox.

The divers, who are from Russia but live in New Zealand enjoyed the training and the dive so much the enrolled in a TDI Intro to Tech course.

Technical diving has been seen in a mysterious light for many years, with participants being secretive about their actions and often showing unhealthy affection for their gear, of which there is always a lot.

To get into technical diving, previously you needed to know what you wanted to do and you had to make a huge decision right from the beginning. The step from sport diver to tech diver was a huge one, with a huge cost and learning curve to climb. Some of us were lucky and could ask for guidance from friends and club mates, some were less lucky and were given far from balanced advice.

TDI, the worlds leading Technical Diving Training agency has recently announced a new course in their range; the Intro to Tech course. We cover details such as equipment configuration for twins, how twins work, in water buoyancy skills plus more advanced dive planning considerations such as gas management as well as using tables and computers to efficiently plan a dive.

The course is an ideal way to determine whether you wish to extend your diving beyond Sport diving, or simply to improve your skills.

This course was conducted over 4 days and combined to give the divers a long dive on twinsets filled with enriched air nitrox. Their final dive was in excess of 80 minutes around some of the less frequented dives sites on Koh Tao.


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