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Exploration diving trip discovers new caves in Koh Tao

Technical divers explored new regions of Koh Tao Island in search of dive sites.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech headed out on the first day of sunshine after the monsoon on board our Mv Big Black Boat to search for new diving locations in areas that are not dived frequently or explored.

The dive gang included Ash Dunn, Dan Bolton and Manuela Agbaba along with members of the divemaster team who invited some nitrox diving customers for this unique opportunity.

The first dive revealed a region in the north that had a cavern / swimthrough which was new for these divers and enjoyed exploration into the cavern as certified cavern divers.

The second dive site was around the famous biorock where a structure with mild current is in place underwater to help spur the growth of coral and study it’s effect. Unfortunately visibility was reduced considerable since it’s located close to shore. However this crossed two dive locations off the list of searching areas.

If you would like to join our next exploration trip to discover some hidden gems on Koh Tao feel free to contact us.


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