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New Technical Diving Products for 2011

Our online shop is exploding with new cave and technical diving products for the new year.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech has already started stocking some new and exciting items for the new year. These items received raving reviews from DEMA address a shift in more technically advanced products to suit the digital consumer.

New RX2 LED Slimline Canister Light

The RX2 LED debuts this week at DEMA. One of the most exciting features on the light is the switching mechanism. We have designed a rotary magnetic switch on the head; the switching is integrated into the board for stability and function. Full and half power modes are at your fingertips, no reaching for a canister switch. This allows multiple mounting options for the diver. The two previous blog entries give some ideas.

This light represents the latest in LED lighting innovation. The RX2 is the product of months of development with US-based companies and all production is made in USA. Our design team engineered the product and feature set – this light is not a “me to” product from a Chinese supplier. The LED boards are the latest in technology and RoHS compliant for European standards. The new polymer boards dissipate head better than conventional boards so we have over 93% efficiency with power consumption to light output. This means we were able to give you more light using the same battery power source as its predecessor the LUX while maintaining the 4 hour burn time at full power.

New Liquidvision XEO Trimix Computer

We owe the inspiration for the Liquivision Xeo to our customers. Whether they dive shallow reefs or deep wrecks, our customers told us what they wanted in a computer and we’re proud to give them what they’ve been hungry for… an affordable, well-made dive computer with a highly readable color OLED display.

The Liquivision Xeo is a wrist-mounted air, nitrox, and OC/CCR trimix computer that can serve divers of all levels. Designed with input from both physicians and highly-respected divers, the Xeo offers maximum readability, ergonomic comfort, and compact convenient size. It features Liquivision’s patented tap-interface, a bright full-color OLED display, user-replaceable battery, robust ceramic pressure sensor, two mounting options (high quality strap or bungee-cord), and the proven Buhlmann-GF (ZHL16C) algorithm. We’re proud to add the Xeo to the Liquivision “Dive Enlightened” series.

Brilliant design, brilliant display… brilliant under pressure.

New Liquidvision XEN Bottom Timer Computer

For two years, divers have been asking for an affordable OLED bottom timer. That day has arrived. No longer will you buy a computer only to put it in “gauge mode” right out of the box.

The Liquivision Xen is, simply put, the bottom timer that offers everything you want and nothing you don’t. Designed with functionality input from respected gauge-only divers, and with readability and ergonomic input from physicians, the Xen is the ideal gauge for everyone from the open water enthusiast to the most advanced record-setting technical and cave divers.

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