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Scuba Diving Compressor Operator and Nitrox Gas Blender Course

Scuba diving industry technician course related studies provide accelerated education in gas laws and safe handling of oxygen rich mixing techniques

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrates the graduation of Ben Beesley from his BSAC Compressor Operator, BSAC Compressor Operator Instructor, BSAC Gas Blender and BSAC Gas Blender Instructor SDC courses conducted over the past two weeks at our technical diving facility on Koh Tao Island off the coast of Thailand by BSAC SDC Instructor Trainer Ash Dunn and BSAC National Instructor Les Skelton.

BSAC, British Sub Aqua Club, began their own branch in Thailand last year and immediately brought courses to the region that dive centers had been waiting to teach for some time. Typically courses like compressor operator are not governed by any official agency and it has always been an unofficial level of education taught by others who know. However this can lead to liability especially if something wrong was ever to occur between the blending station and the diver. Previous cases of peoples dive shops exploding and divers suffering from poor gas handling techniques.

The BSAC Compressor Operator course teaches students in the proper handling, filling and filtration of scuba divers grade air. The focus made on producing quality air in a safe and controlled manner. After these skills had been harnessed and the students ability was tested during his instructor level where Ben taught the course to another student he moved on to the Gas Blender portion which built upon the previous course by learning the methods of partial pressure and continuous flow blending. This was great because we had about 30 tanks of nitrox to be filled so we had someone else to do it for us.

Ben finalized his training with a instructor workshop where he taught another student, in Japanese how gas blending works. We assessed his knowledge by guess what he was saying but more importantly watched him demonstrate safe and efficient blending techniques.

Ben no heads off through Thailand to work at various BSAC centers and surely his skills and instructor ratings will help him become more employable and future success in the diving industry.


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