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Thai Navy Divers on Trimix in Koh Tao

Military divers from the Thai Navy discover wreck diving on helium a blast in Thailand.
thai navy divers
Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech recently supported divers from the Thai Navy who visited Koh Tao to explore deep shipwrecks around Koh Tao and the gulf of Thailand. These divers had been trained by the military and also commercially in the art of mixed gas technical diving and decided they wanted to enjoy some fun diving for a change instead of working underwater.

Big Blue Tech staff Ash Dunn and Mark Slinn accompanied by other technical divers from the community took the divers out to the “Big Blue Wreck” which is a sunken wooden passenger ferry that we discovered in February of this year. In addition to our wreck we showed the divers the highlights of Chumphon Pinnacle and other coral dive sites. And finally a day trip to the Unicorn Wreck which is a large steel wreck in about 50m of water.

The divers decided on using a normoxic trimix mix of helium and oxygen on the Unicorn wreck because of the depth beyond 40m and they wanted to have a clear head to explore the exterior of the wreck. Penetration of the unicorn is prohibited due to the extreme risk of silting and entrapment. In addition to their trimix gas mix the divers used pure oxygen and nitrox to accelerate their decompression.

Chatuphoon Thanomkaew of the Thailand Diving Association and Thai Navy found the days exciting and easy remarking that they were impressed with the support and service provided for them during their short holiday.


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