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Apeks Service Technician Course in Thailand

Scuba diving regulator manufacturing company Apeks provide expert training courses.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrates the graduation of Tech Intern Ian Jordan from his Apeks (South East Asia) Service Technician Course conducted at the education facility of BSAC Thailand. The Apeks service technician provides Ian with the certification to conduct authorized repair, service and inspection of all Apeks scuba diving equipment including their high precision scuba regulators which have been performing under pressure for technical divers for decades.

Apeks equipment have been designing and manufacturing underwater scuba breathing regulators for 35 years. Their products are the benchmark which all manufacturing agencies strive for. Their most popular XTX series provides a host of features including environmental seal for cold water diving and a balanced system for deep diving depths.

Big Blue Tech exclusively use Apeks regulators for all their diving activities reagardless of depth. Their robust and trusted design provide the perfect foundation to support ay adventurous diving activities. Ian will hone his skills even further by providing service and support to the diving community through our workshop and conduct routine maintenance on our own regulators.

This course adds to Ian’s collection of service technician courses including Visual Inspections, Aqualung Technician and compressor operator with gas blender.


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