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Ben Reymenants introduces TDI CCR Cave Diver Course

Technical Diving International leads the way with bubble free cave diving.

Ben Reymenants

by Ben Reymenants

First of all I’d like to say that this is nothing spectacularly new under the sun. TDI has had full cave outlines for more than a decade and was one of the first agencies to adopt CCR standards under its’ umbrella. However, in the recent years , more and more cave divers started to see the benefits of taking rebreathers along in caves. Moreover, heaps of CCR divers are seeing cave diving as their next step and would like to take their unit to the darker side.

Taking a CCR into a cave is possible if you have followed a CCR diver course and a cave course from any recognized agency. With those two cards, you are good to go.

The same goes for CCR instructors carrying a full cave instructor license; they can teach cave courses on a specific unit as long as the student is certified on that specific unit.
Why combined CCR-CAVE outlines?

  • Recently, other agencies have been giving out cards combining both ccr and cave. resulting in some local cave communities raising the bar and demanding cave divers, wishing to take their unit, show a CCR CAVE card prior to jumping into their local pit.
  • Another point brought up by other CCR-CAVE instructors is the liability; are they covered in case of lawsuit / mishap with a student on a CCR in a cave? The training agency says yes, but will your insurance share that same generosity?
  • Lastly, taking a CCR into an overhead environment asks from the diver minor considerations which can have major consequences if not planned properly;

Officially, a MODI diver without prior decompression training, can, after doing a full cave course on OC, venture as far into the cave as he/she wants to on his CCR. This , as long as he/she does not venture into deco and respects the rule of thirds….

This is where the minor/major adjustments arise;

Bail out to OC at the deepest point of entry;

  • Will the bail out gas keep the diver out of deco all the way?
  • Will the diver have enough OC gas to make it back out in case of a CO2 hit (and his/her SAC  triples)?

These are points taken into considerations in the combined TDI CCR-CAVE outlines.

The outlines follow closely both TDI CCR AND CAVE standards, but add small details with regards to equipment, bail out procedures and CCR specific cave skills.

Please note that the TDI CCR CAVE course is based on unique outlines written by Ben Reymenants. Big Blue Tech offer this course in cooperation with Blue Label Diving.


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