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No news is good news

Big Blue Tech takes a break in preparation for the high season and upcoming expeditions.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech is enjoying a short break from diving adventures as our recreational side Big Blue Diving breaks into full swing with Thailand’s high season for travellers.

With the departure of James Thornton-Allan, Yvonne Fries and Ash Dunn from the tech crew for summer holiday it’s left big blue tech feeling a little vacant.

Have no fear as we will all be back in mid September with a schedule of exciting training and diving opportunities.

Big Blue Tech provide training year round, if you want to come do some diving with us during this time let us know and we can accommodate you with other members of our tech crew.

During the quite period of August we’re happy to have Mark Slinn, Helen Artal, Duncan Tyler, Ian Jordan and Ben Reymenants (west coast) looking after things.

However, during this time the news will not be updated as frequently as we would of liked and email responses might be slow.


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