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With Technical Diving Insurance included, we have you covered all the way!

Technical diving insurance now provided, free,  with all our diving and training!

Koh Tao, Thailand

Diving specific insurance can be expensive, typically insurance programs require yearly commitment and membership to the agencies. While this is essential for diving professionals it doesn’t work well for the occasional diver.

Technical diving is frought with danger and the worst scenario would be an accident and you don’t have insurance.

Big Blue Tech will be providing insurance with all their training and diving starting September 1st 2010. By providing insurance which covers evacuation and re-compression chamber services, search and rescue efforts, transportation costs during emergency, civil liability (which applies to professional internships) and all disability coverage for diving related incidents.

Big Blue Tech provides this service as a duty of care for our students. While we ensist that all our students have diving insurance we find that many don’t which leaves themselves and us unprotected against unforeseen accidents.

This insurance also covers expedition diving and remote areas where evacuation facilities are essential. When cave diving in the jungles of thailand or wreck diving in the south china sea you want to know if the worst happens, then we’ll ensure you get the health-care you need.

Even if you’re not diving, operating a compressor or servicing a cylinder can be dangerous and these are also aspects of the diving related injuries covered.

Big Blue Tech are proud to be working with the INDEPTHS Affinity Group backed by Dive Master Insurance and representing them throughout south east

For those that already have diving insurance for DAN or other agencies this is an optional benefit. This insurance has a total payable benefit of 50,000 GBP or 100,000 USD. This is providing you are enrolled in a course or diving within the limits of your certification under supervision.

You can read the small print here:



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