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Technical Diving in Khao Lak and Similan Islands

Similans islands liveaboards and speed boat trips starting this fall.

Khao Lak, Thailand

Big Blue Tech has released their schedule for technical diving and closed circuit rebreather supported trips to the Similan and Surin islands starting in November 2010 until May 2011 off the west coast of Thailand in Khao Lak just north of Phuket.

The official schedule can be found here on our Big Blue Khao Lak Wesbite

Big Blue Tech is the technical diving arm of Big Blue Diving which has 2 offices in Khao Lak and is one of the largest and most prestigious diving organizations in Khao Lak.

Our vessel the Pawara features luxury amenities with design features to accommodate the most complex and gear laden technical diver.These features include:

– Continuous flow blending up to hypoxic trimix
– Oxygen clean air and oxygen booster
– Dive Sorb and Rebreather Cylinders
– All Open Circuit equipment including s40’s and s80’s in twins and singles
– Service and repair stations and charging banks for cameras and torches
– Technically aware support staff who know how to help you kit up and de kit.
– Chaser boat to come pick you up to return you to the “mother ship”

Pawara has 3 levels of cabins:

Standard rooms are on the lower deck and can be arranged as twins or doubles. These rooms each have a sink, toilet, hot shower, 2 storage cabinets and 220v outlets. Please note that these cabins when arranged as doubles only have access to one storage cabinet.

31,800baht per person for Divers (25,300 for Non-Divers) (- 10% for Tech Divers)

Deluxe rooms are on the main deck and are all twin beds. These rooms have larger windows and have large desks and 220v outlets and are therefore ideal for underwater photographers. These each also have a sink, toilet and hot shower.

33,800baht per person for Divers (27,000 for Non-Divers) (- 10% for Tech Divers)

Master cabins have large windows all around for the best views. These rooms can be made as twins or doubles, have 220v outlets, and have larger bathrooms equipped with sink, toilet and hot shower.

35,800baht per person for Divers (28,700 for Non-Divers) (- 10% for Tech Divers)

Similan Island Speed Boats

In addition to this schedule we also run speed boat trips to Richelieu Rock almost every single day day with one of our two speed boats. Our schedule always includes on trip to the similan islands and another traveling to Koh Bon and Koh Tachai which is a popular destination for Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.

Technical Diver Training

In addition to these trips, you can combine your liveaboard or speed boat trips with training and save overall 20% on the combined cost of the course you want and the boat you want to go on! The reason we discount this is because we love diving the similans so much we’ve decide it’s worth investing back in the student that invests in us.


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