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Scuba Diving Equipment Service Week

In preparation for high season of technical diving all equipment gets a full service.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech facilities manager and senior technical instructor Ash Dunn has been furiously servicing all our technical diving equipment in preperation for our high season in starting in september. Diving equipment requires logged, recorded and frequent maintenance by certified technicians using manufacturers service kits.

Big Blue Tech have 12 oxygen decompression regulators, 12 nitrox decompression regulators, 15 apeks regulators with short hose, 15 apeks regulators with long hoses, over 50 cylinders in different formations, 15 wings, 18 back plates, rebreathers and 3 compressors. All of which have exceeded the 6 month standard of service which we uphold as a personal level of inspection.

All of these have been serviced slowly over the past week with the help of interns who have completed their service technician course and other staff members along the way.

Ash is not only a service technician but also a visual inspections, oxygen service, bauer compressor service technician and focused on getting all our equipment in top shape during our slow period as we lead up to holidays in august.

Some regulators and cylinders that are exposed to pure oxygen require special procedures to ensure there’s no reaction between rubber or silicon products inside the parts and the oxygen. The use of an ultrasonic bath was essential to get all the grime off the outside and followed up with steps to eliminate sources of contamination.

If you would like to get involved or learn more about scuba diving service technician courses feel free to contact us and we can offer you training or direct you to authorized providers in your area.


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