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Italian diver reaches 203m depth in Vrelo cave

Divers go to the extreme to push depths inside caves around the world

Skopje, Macedonia

Italian diver Luiggi Casatti  exploring the Vrelo underwater cave near the Macedonian capital has reached a staggering depth of 203 metres on Tuesday.

This however does not mean that the diver touched the cave’s bottom, say representatives of the Vrelo speleological club. It was reported that the bottom was not illuminated and plans to push further will continue.The European diving team will keep exploring the cave in the next few days.

Vrelo, which was nominated for the new Seven World Wonders, has been researched for several times. According to speleologists’ assessments, Vrelo’s depth is 330m, which makes it the deepest underwater cave in the world, surpassing the Bushman Hole in South Africa that holds the Guinness Record with 282 meters.

This is one of many deep cave explorations including the achievement of Big Blue Tech’s Instructor Trainer Ben Reymenants who reached 240m in a cave in southern Thailand.


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