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Eco concious dive resort leads the way

Plastic bags are killing our reefs and it’s inhabitants and it’s time we all made an effort.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Conservation has recently released it’s ecological answer to the plastic bag by making canvas beach bags from recycled material and offering them to tourists for 3 dollars.

Half of the proceeds of the bag sales will go towards our own eco fund which is then returned into the preservation of our underwater environment around Koh Tao.

Our bags feature a thick cotton-canvas blend which makes the bag sturdy, reusable but at the same time light and easy to carry.

Big Blue Conservation provides the ideal solution to the “Empire Strikes Bags” campaign. Our eco-friendly  cotton products are designed to be used again and again. They carry a positive environmental message about our brand. And – because our bags are printed with your logo – they’ll promote awareness of our school and the effort us Koh Tao-ians put into eco conservation.

If you’re on Koh Tao you can come get your very own for only 100 baht!


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