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Technical research diver program released in Thailand

Study, Research, Biology are all part of the underwater study tech program.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech, in cooperation with Big Blue Conservation releases a new program to give marine biology or people interested in scientific diving the training and tools to conduct their studys or research safely.

While a lot of underwater impact and research can be done in shallow water up to 30m on normal conventional recreational scuba there is a growing demand for deep water research on coral and marine ecosystems in the 50m range where extended time at the depth is needed.

According to Jen Mathews who graduated from Bath University with a Bsc in Biology there is a huge gap of people who are already divers and want to conduct professional level surveys and research but are limited by the confines of recreational scuba with both time, logistics and gas supply.

Big Blue Tech plan to amalgamate the SDI Solo Diver, SDI Research Diver, SDI Full Face Mask Diver , TDI Decompression Procedures Diver and SDI Marine Eco Systems Awareness into one package which will be conducted by both the director of Big Blue Tech and Big Blue Conservation.


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