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Swish Wetsuits: For women, by women

Forget Neoprene, Bioprene brings a eco-chic wetsuits for women designed by women to the diving market.

Swish Suits is an aquatic wetsuit company that produces eco-chic wetsuits for women whose lifestyle demands more than what mainstream wetsuits can provide.  Very much of who they are in life went into the designs of their suits.  They have based the design of our suits on the F3 theorem: Functionality, Fashion, and Environmentally Friendly.  This theorem does not just apply to the suits but also to how they live their lives.

Swish Suits is the brainchild of the three women who live their life in the water and were tired of not having functional and fashionable gear.  With Swish Suits, they hope to reach all of the ladies in the aquatic world and outfit them in accordance to their lifestyle!

“Our suits have been developed for a new vision of women in the male-centric field of water sports.  Women can be sexy and powerful in the water” says Victoria Berg who is one of the founders of swish.

Swish have tested their products in the most demanding of conditions as the owners are technical and cave divers. They have found that the flexibility and comfort of their bioprene wetsuits gave them the ability to perform with ease in the harsh depths and dark caves of diving destinations around the world.

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