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Rebreather Diving in Thailand

Technical Diving school adds the worlds most popular closed circuit rebreather to its collection.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech recently aquired a new rebreather to it’s collection to provide support to it’s european customers and training opportunities through the BSAC and TDI system of education.

The rebreather is a the AP Inspiration Classic which has sold more units than any other closed circuit rebreather in the world. The Inspiration Classic was the first production rebreather and conctinues to win awards from many diving agencies and magazines.

This also allows Big Blue Tech to provide three models for training of rebreathers with the Drager Dolphin and ISC Megaladon and now Inspiration Classic as options.

With 3 litre cylinders, easy maintenance and simple preparation – the Inspiration brought the benefits of optimal gas consumption and gas mix at all depths to the forefront of diving.

Quickly becoming the choice of expedition divers, film makers and sports divers alike, ranging from beach diving to RIB diving. right up to 100m expedition dives.

To achieve CE certification; the first (and only) CCR to feature dual independent oxygen controllers (Patented), the CCR to set the standard in PO2 control accuracy and scrubber duration; the first to achieve minimal breathing resistance in all diver positions and attitudes, the first mass produced and affordable CCR on the market.

The first to achieve worldwide distributorship with all that entails, including the development of the first unit-specific training courses by the major training agencies; and not least, the innumerable individual firsts that have been achieved by the many thousands of INSPIRATION CCR divers in the world today – from the discovery of virgin wrecks to personal depth and exploration records.


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