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VR3 Eco Recycle Program Delivers new High Definition Computer

New technical diving computer promotion for trimix and rebreather divers.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Vr Technology the British manufacturer of the VR3 Computer, Sentinel Rebreather, Ouroboros Rebreather and the VRx Computer have released a ecologically friendly promotion to recycle and trade in your old model for a brand new one at a fraction of the price.

Big Blue Tech, a technical diving school in Thailand took advantage of this program when one of their old Monochrome VR3 computers was damaged and needed to be fixed, after discussing the repair options of around 200 pounds (400$) it was decided that getting a brand new one for only a few hundred pounds more was wiser and would give us a better product in the long run.

Vr Technology provides the option of either the VRX Computer or the VR3 HD computer. We decided to go with the VR3 HD computer. Both options featured the full unlocked algorithms,closed circuit trimix and colour without any extra costs, this was essential because many of the features in our old VR3 were used daily.

This program was made possible with the support of the UK W.E.E.E (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) scheme which provides funding and support to companies who dispose of electronic devices in a responsible way.

We’re big supporters of ecological developments, we’re an award winning ecological diving school and resort, which is why it’s great to see companies in the technical diving support field taking notice of responsibility to our environment as well.


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