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Scuba Diving Industry Technician Skills Course

A custom tailored selection of diving course provides the student with scuba diving industry service technician skills.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrates the graduation of Ian Jordan from his TDI Nitrox, BSAC/TDI Compressor Operator, BSAC/TDI Gas Blender and TDI Visual Inspections course conducted over a week by Instructors James Thornton-Allan and Ash Dunn on Koh Tao Island off the coast of Thailand.

The completed course give Ian the skills to improve his chances of employ-ability in the scuba diving industry giving him the ability to operate behind the scene in scuba diving resorts.The compressor operator course provides Ian with the ability to safely operate and conduct minor maintenance of scuba diving compressors, the gas blender add-on further gives ian the certification to make all mixes of nitrox by partial pressure or continuous flow systems. These courses were preceded by the required Nitrox Diver course and concluded with the TDI Visual Inspections Course which provides the ability to conduct repair on scuba cylinders and valves.

In will progress on to his BSAC Aqualung Repair Technician Course next week where he will learn how to service scuba diving equipment like regulators and bcd’s.

This will provide Ian with the skills and experience to be of an asset when looking for employment in the competitive and luxurious life as a scuba diving professional.


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