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Technical Diver Course Completed

3 weeks of training brings recreational diver to the pinnacle of deep air diving.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrates the graduation of Etienne De Beer from his TDI Extended Range conducted over 3 days by TDI Instructor James Thornton-Allan off the coast of Thailand on Koh Tao Island.

The TDI Extended Range course is at the pinnacle of deep air diving with training and certification to 55m using multiple mixes and gasses up to pure oxygen to accelerate decompression.

Etienne came to us from South Africa with his family to take the “Tech Diver Package” which included the TDI Intro To Tech, TDI Advanced Nitrox, TDI Decompression Procedures and finally TDI Extended Range. In addition to this package Etienne received the BSAC Extended Range Diver certification when his instructor James fractured his foot and had to remain out of the water for a period of time allowing his colleague Ash Dunn to replace him.

The course taught Etienne all the qualities and skills Big Blue Tech has to offer with over 25 logged technical dives. Etienne overcame some obstacles including the backwards fin kick which he achieved on dive 19 after weeks of practice and the strength of climbing out of the water with 4 cylinders on, a weight of 100kg ( cylinders weight 14kg each before you add all the valves and regulators) which he took in stride.

We’re always proud of our students and the effort that they put in to learn and focus and this course was no exception. in the final test or challenge Etienne excelled and performed above requirements.


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