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TDI Full Cave Diver Course completed in Thailand

Thailand’s caves provide perfect fresh water cave diving conditions

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrate the graduation of Simone Schuil and Neil Gregory from their TDI Intro to Cave and TDI Full Cave Diver course conducted over 5 days in Khao Sok National Park and Krabi by TDI CCR Full Cave Instructor Ben Reymenants.

This was the first in a unique program where cave diving is combined with mixed gas (See “TDI Advanced Trimix Course in Thailand” ). This option presents a solution to the possibility of bad weather while diving during the monsoon in Thailand. Advanced divers with a weak stomach from the rocking of the open ocean boats could choose freshwater caves to fulfill their training.

This month, Blue Label Diving joined hands with Big Blue Tech in Koh Tao to run such a program. Neil Gregory from Australia and Simone Schuil from the Netherlands did their full cave course is the protected shelter of Khaosok National park. Neil Gregory, already an advanced cave diver , took the chance to combine this highest level of cave diving with the highest level of open circuit mixed gas diving; the advanced trimix course.

The cave training in Khao Sok National park was combined with an advanced trimix course run from Phuket where academics and pool-training was conducted before heading off to the depths around Racha Noi.

Once competent in both Cave and trimix, the team took their steps further to gradually explore the depths of Sra Keow cave system in Aonang, Krabi province. Two resurgences were explored over 4 days to depths of 60m & 80m. The final day, a signed arrow was placed at the 100m mark on the permanent line.
Neil Gregory went proudly home holding the TDI full cave diver cert and the TDI advanced Trimix cert.

Simone Schuil achieved her TDI Trimix certificate and buddied up with Neil Gregory to become a full cave diver as well

Blue Label Diving and Big Blue Tech are planning their next full cave course to Khao Sok starting on 9th of July. For inquiries look here


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