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TDI Semi Closed Rebreather Course in Thailand

Modified Drager Dolphin provides perfect rebreather for recreational diving limits.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrate the graduation of Ash Dunn and James Foleher from their TDI Drager Dolphin Semi Closed Rebreather Course conducted over 2 days with 4 dives on Koh Tao Island off the coast of Thailand by TDI Rebreather Instructor James Thornton-Allan

The TDI Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather course is the ideal course for photographers, cold water divers or anybody wishing to enjoy a quieter dive and closer interaction with marine life. The course is unit specific covering the Drager Dolphin SCR Rebreather. The TDI Introduction to Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreathers manual takes you through a step by step process of the history and theory of SCR’s, how the units work, and provides setup and cleaning check lists.

Our Drager Dolphin has been modified to include side by side tank system, black box and a backplate/wing mounting system removing the old/original style that wasn’t practical for our environment. With the side by side cylinder system with manifold we can increase the volume to match the scrubber life without compromising buoyancy and trim.

Both students will continue to use the unit to gain valuable hours of training in the coming weeks and months.


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