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Beginner Level Technical Diving in Thailand

TDI (Technical Diving International) Intro to Tech course provides entry level certification for technical diving

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrates the graduation of Etienne De Beer, Colin Thompson and Caroline Sale from their TDI Intro to Tech course conducted over 2 days with 4 dives by TDI Instructor James Thornton-Allan and assisted by Intern James Foleher off the coast of Thailand on an island called Koh Tao.

TDI Intro to Tech course is designed to cultivate the fundamental techniques required by all sound technical, wreck, and cave diving practice. Essentials of Tech functions as a technical entry point for all previously certified divers and as the prerequisite for all other technical TDI classes.TDI Intro to Tech focuses on the divers’ critical bottom skills. The training is centered around precise buoyancy control, team awareness, and controlled ascent procedures including surface marker buoy use.The equipment required for the TDI Intro to Tech is centered on the hogarthian configuration, which includes a backplate and wing in lieu of a traditional BC, and a long hose for the primary regulator and short, necklaced hose for the backup.

The TDI Intro to Tech class continues the students’ path as a “Thinking Diver” and brings an increased awareness of the underwater environment. While preparing the diver for more advanced, technical dive training, the Essentials of Tech student will also develop excellent diving skills for use in recreational diving situations.

Many divers find all the adventure they need in recreational dives to 100′ or less. But some feel that maybe they are missing some skills that technical divers have such as “horizontal decompression stops”. Or maybe you linger at the top of the wall, looking down into the inky abyss? Does the idea of penetrating a wreck, with only your lights and a guideline to lead you give you good goose bumps? Do you think you’ll never be happy unless you’re flying past a pinnacle at 200′ on a scooter? Technical diving is about having fun, just like any other pastime. But, like anything worth doing, it requires perseverance and hard work. This class is designed for the diver eager to learn some basic technical diving skills which can help improve their recreational diving ability or want to begin building a strong foundation to start pursuing the challenge of technical diving.

Maybe you want to learn something new (like the Intro to Tech configuration) or you want to improve your safety by learning to do horizontal air sharing drills. Regardless of your motivation, in this class you will be introduced to the technical diver’s toolbox. You will learn to hover motionless, move forward and backward, turn around without disturbing the bottom. You will learn to air share gas with your teammate in a reasonable and efficient manner. You will learn to ascend, making appropriate stops while deploying a surface marker to alert the boat and support team of our predicament to basic use of a deco bottle. In the classroom, technical divers need to know which gas to choose and why, how to plan a dive (including Decompression techniques), from the back of the truck to a bench on the boat, and how to ensure that everyone has a great time and gets home safely. Intro to Tech isn’t about showcasing the latest equipment, or rushing you into the next class. It’s about working to develop skills that will improve your dive, and thus propel into a world of exploration. If this sounds a bit more than you had envisioned, or you are unsure about your preparation, please feel free to contact us, or see our Intro to Tech


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