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BSAC Oxygen Adminstration Course in Thailand

BSAC Dive Leader intern cruises through the Oxygen Administration SDC

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrates the graduation of BSAC Dive Leader Intern Chris Shaw from his BSAC Oxygen Administration Skill Development Course conducted over a 1 day workshop by BSAC Instructor Ash Dunn.

As a diver you’ve probably attended First Aid training, during which you’ll have learned the benefit of delivering rescue breaths to a non breathing patient. But did you know that by administrating rescue breaths together with enriched oxygen content you can increase the effectiveness of this technique? Furthermore, in the case of most diving related accidents, the administration of oxygen can also be of benefit when treating such conditions.

This course will show you how oxygen can be used as a first aid treatment for treating divers and diving related incidents, the safe guards of administrating 100% oxygen and the limitations of oxygen treatment. The course is designed for divers and people who are involved with diving activities for example; deckhands and surface support teams etc.

This is 1 day course and it consists of both theory and practical lessons. The course concludes with an evaluation in both of these areas. All candidates on completion of the course will receive a set of student notes and an Oxygen Administrator certification card.

This course is part of the BSAC Dive Leader Course as a standard component.


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