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IANTD UK under new ownership

The UK franchise of technical diver training agency IANTD has been bought by Martin and Amy Stanton, who own inland dive site Vobster Quay.

Cave and technical diver Phil Short has been appointed UK training director.

‘In the early 1990s when Kevin Gurr set up IANTD UK, it was the first technical diver training agency in Europe,’ said Martin Stanton, the new director of IANTD UK. ‘We’re therefore genuinely excited that the mantle is now passing to us. We’d like to thank Kevin Evans and Simon Watton for care-taking the agency since 2008, and wish them well in future projects.’

Phil Short said: ‘Being appointed UK Training Director and working alongside Martin Stanton is very exciting because it gives me the perfect opportunity to share some of the incredible things I’ve learnt over the last fifteen years. I very much look forward to raising the quality training bar with my colleagues to help create safer and better educated divers at all levels.’


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