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BSAC – TDI Compressor Operator and Gas Blender course in Thailand

Experienced divers take on scuba diving compressor operation and nitrox gas blending courses in Thailand.

Koh Tao, Thailand.

Big Blue Tech celebrates the graduation of James Foleher, Steven Develter, Tom Fox and Peter Buckmaster from their TDI/BSAC Compressor Operator and TDI Gas Blender Course conducted over 3 days on Koh Tao Island off the coast of Thailand by Instructor Ash Dunn.

The compressor operator course certifies the student to use scuba diving compressors for the purpose of creating clean safe divers grade air along with the addition of air bank systems to increase volume and output. Included in the course is the packing of filtration systems, basic maintenance, start up and shut down procedures and orientation to different types of compressors. The students completed 3 hours of practical filling before continuing on to nitrox gas blending methods.

The Nitrox Gas Blender course certifies the student to create all mixes of nitrox including pure oxygen using continuos flow and partial pressure filling methods. These methods include topping up, bleeding down, using nitrox as a mix gas, using filtered Grade-E air or oxygen clean air for partial pressure filling.

The students will continue to use their certification as divemasters at big blue filling their own nitrox tanks for repetitive diving in their job. James continues on his internship to become gas blender and compressor operator instructor in the future.


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