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Tech Diving Expedition: Successful Conclusion

Technical diving expedition in Thailand comes to an successful conclusion.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech concluded the 3 week technical diving expedition road trip arriving at our final destination in Pattaya which is located just outside Bangkok in Thailand.

Leaving Krabi James Thornton-Allan and James Foleher drove 12 hours north to Pattaya after stopping in at Big Blue Chumphon to transfer the majority of the diving equipment back to Koh Tao. Arriving in Pattaya the divers met up with Mark Slinn who is a resident of Pattaya and former Big Blue Tech intern who was gracious enough to house the weary divers for the next few days.

The past three weeks on the road from May 11th till May 31st saw the divers visit some of the best diving destinations and divers diving conditions in Thailand and south east Asia.

The divers experienced caves, caverns, world war 2 wrecks, new virgin wrecks, sunken forests, coral reefs, deep walls, strong currents, big waves, deep penetrations, salt water, fresh water, night diving, cold water diving using all mixes of oxygen and helium. They dived from the shore, longtail boat, large dive boat, muddy banks, cave entrances and a liveaboard.

The expedition covered over 2000km including a flight to Singapore and a finally flight from Bangkok down to Koh Samui which is the neighboring island to Koh Tao.

The purpose behind the expedition was to train and prepare Mr. Foleher as a technical diver with a large variety of environments, experiences and challenges to give the confidence and ability to begin his technical diving instructor courses and assists in June.

This expedition couldn’t of been made possible without the support of the following: Halcyon Dive Equipment, Pro-Tec Dive College, Dive Supply, One Stop, IQ Divers, Kamala Dive Centre, Friendly Waters Seasports, the crew of the Mv Samudera, Oms Dive Equipment, Khao Sok National Park, TDI / SDI South East Asia, Royal Thai Navy and Air Asia.

You can follow Mr. Foleher’s progress as he moves on to his BSAC Instructor Cross-over course on the 4th of June.


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