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BSAC Dive Leader Course in Thailand

Divers take the professional road with BSAC and Big Blue Tech

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech welcomes Johan Arsborg and Laura Osborne who will be completing their BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) Dive Leader course with us over the next few weeks. The course will be conducted by BSAC Extended Range Instructors Ash Dunn and Andrew Cavell who will be working together to train these divers the BSAC way!

The BSAC Dive Leader course works on a method of mentoring with a focus on diving skills and less focus on assisting courses. The divers will learn navigation both surface and underwater, how to find and dive wrecks,  planning and managing dives, additional first aid for diving related injuries, as well as advanced diving skills and techniques for leading divers underwater. In addition this course includes the BSAC Oxygen Administration Course which teaches them how to administer oxygen to diving related casualties.

While the divers initially went for other options they were looking to enhance their skills as divers and not increase they’re employ-ability. This course helps the students gain confidence and ability in diving and gives them pride in having a unique and sought after certification.

During their course they will be responsible for the planning and execution of both technical and recreational dives in a supervision role, let’s hope they’re up to the challenge!


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