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SSI TechXR Instructor Course Completed in Thailand

Scuba Schools International (SSI) Technical Extended Range (TechXR) instructor course completed for certified technical divers.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech celebrates the graduation of Chris Haslam and Perttu Kivinen from their SSI TechXR Decompression Procedures Instructor Course conducted by SSI TechXR Instructor Trainer Ben Reymenants during a 8 day workshop on Koh Tao Island off the south east coast of Thailand.

During the 8 days the students who are already SSI Instructors and Certified Technical Divers covered all aspects of teaching technical diving with emphasis on total skill control and solid theoretical knowledge.

The SSI TechXR program was designed and tested under the most demanding conditions. All of the complex information has been broken down and made simple to teach and understand. The training material for both the student and instructor was developed by industry professionals with years of technical experience. SSI’s signature training method’s, the “SSI Diver Diamond “and “Comfort Through Repetition” have been applied to keep the programs consistent and provide the same high quality education as other SSI products.

As SSI TechXR Decompression Procedures Instructors they are certified to teach technical diving programs requiring decompression stops from dives up to a maximum of 50m using a single 50% oxygen as a decompression gas.

We wish Chris and Perrtu the best of luck in the Technical Diving Community and look forward to diving with them again in the future.


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